New what to expect

We are operating in a new season, so our services will now be available only on-line at 11-00 am every Sunday on Facebook initially, hopefully moving to other platforms as soon as we can. Please do come and join us on facebook. Sunday School materials and teaching materials will be sent out each week.

Welcome to Egham

Welcome (welcome back) to Royal Holloway College (RHUL), we as a Church want to support your time here in Egham, whether its as an Undergraduate or Postgraduate, whether you are from the UK, European Union or from anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few things that will help you.

How to find us

If you walk to Egham Station from the back gate it is quite possible you will pass our building its on the shortest route on the cut through Wasp Farm Car Park. Look out for us and pop in and say hello.

We are actively involved with the Christian Union on Campus (through the CLN) also with Fusion and UCCF.

What to expect

Church is a community of people who regularly meet together to share life, show love, serve the community around about, showing the love of God to those in need. Hopefully if you join us at Virginia Lodge on Sundays, or connect with us on line, this will be your experience.

Planning to join us this Sunday

Unless you have been before, it can feel like a big step going to a church. We know how intimidating it can be to walk into an unfamiliar place. If you wish, we can arrange in advance of your visit for a friendly face to meet you at the entrance so you don’t have to walk in alone. Simply let us know what day and time you expect to arrive.