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Personal Testimony

As we start to share something of our story, of what has happened in our lives, we start to share something of our history and as we share how we have changed and been changed by the love of God, we start to share and tell about how our story has become His story and that story is now history.

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Dave - part of my story

I had the privilege of working with VSO in Papua New Guinea for 2 years, I regularly took my anti-malarials whilst I was there, however on my return I was given a health check at the Hospital for Tropical diseases and declared fit and healthy.

I then went to University to do some PostGraduate studies, 8 months after returning I started to feel very ill and was eventually taken to Bath Hospital. Finally, I was diagnosed with Malaria and given pills to deal with it.

I returned to my accommodation but the course of pills had not been for long enough and the malaria returned.

On Friday night feeling very unwell I went to the Christian Union, a visitor had a word of knowledge that God was going to heal 4 people that night, after the service was over there was prayer going on and I was asked if I would live prayer, I was so ill I said yes, God touched my body, made me well and touched my life. Forty-eight hours later I was whole and well without any symptoms at all.

I had been healed, God had done a miracle. Healing still happens today.

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