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We are a lively international blended church, prophetic in action, apostolic in nature and with an established network of relationships around the world. These relationships cause us to develop ourselves and the wider church in general but also facilitate missional opportunities and developmental possibilities for individuals and teams.

Taller Bloc

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Affiliations and Connections

We belong to Lifelinks International, a relationally based family of churches with a broad Statement of Faith that focuses on Christianity's essentials rather than areas of controversy. We believe a healthy relational foundation allows people with minor doctrinal differences to work well together in advancing God’s Kingdom.

Because of our focus on building strong relationships, members of the LifeLinks family always have support in moments of difficulty or someone to celebrate with during victorious times.

LifeLinks input into a congregation is always in response to the local church leadership's invitation and respects the autonomy of that fellowship. Those giving apostolic oversight to a local church are also available for consultation both to the leaders and congregational members, thereby providing a high level of relational accountability.

We are part of the Evangelical Alliance and as such:

We Affirm

We welcome as Christian brothers and sisters all who experience the grace of new birth, bringing them to the fear and knowledge of God expressed in a life of obedience to His word.

We recognise our Christian duty of trust and mutual encouragement to all who serve Christ as Lord, not least to those who conscientiously prefer not to be identified with the same churches, alliances or councils as ourselves.

We respect the diversity of culture, experience and doctrinal understanding that God grants to His people and acknowledge that some differences over issues not essential to salvation may well remain until the end of time.

We Encourage

We urge all Christians to pray as Christ prayed, that we may be one in the Father and the Son, and so by the Spirit promote personal relationships of love, peace and fellowship within the Body of Christ, His universal church.

We encourage all Christians to earnestly contend for biblical truth since only as we are open to learn from others and yield fuller obedience to the truth will we be drawn closer to Christ and each other.

We call on each other when speaking or writing of those issues of faith or practise that divide us, to acknowledge our own failings and the possibility that we ourselves may be mistaken, avoiding personal hostility and abuse, and speaking the truth in love and gentleness.

In making public comment on the alleged statements of our fellow Christians, we owe it to each other, first to confer directly with them and establish what was actually intended. To commend what we can, weigh the proportional significance of what we perceive to be in error, and put a charitable construction on what is doubtful, expressing all with courtesy, humility, and graciousness.

We rejoice in the spread of the gospel across the world and urge all Christians to commit themselves to this task, avoiding unnecessary competition and co-operating, wherever possible, in the completion of Christ’s kingdom of peace, justice and holiness, to the glory of the one God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are a Pentecostal Church, associated with the Assemblies of God,

The Assemblies of God is made up of over 500 churches in 700 locations throughout Great Britain. We are a Pentecostal movement that believes that every individual can and should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have the opportunity to be part of a local, vibrant church. We seek to empower local churches that are relevant to people of all ages - many of our churches attract a large number of young people. In our local expression of church and our corporate identity as a whole, we are committed to transforming communities by reaching out to all individuals regardless of age, race or gender.

Looking Ahead

The current leadership of the movement have begun a radical transformation to make it more relevant and effective in the 21st century.

Assemblies of God is in the process of denominational transformation!

This is an exciting journey. It does, however, require the leadership to bite the bullet on a number of important challenges facing the Church today. Please pray for us as we do just that!

Our journey will enable us to see a new day where church growth will be accelerated, local churches repurposed for mission and an increased relational dimension enjoyed by all our leaders.

The Assemblies of God is seeking to become a relevant and powerful expression of the Church to the community. The Fellowship recognises the importance of the Universal Church and therefore sees its development in this context.

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Covering and accountability

We look to Dr Clem Ferris for our covering and oversite.

Clem Ferris travels full-time in ministry and missions from his home base, Grace Church, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He holds a B.A. from Michigan State University and an M.A. and Th. D. from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Mary Jane, have four children and three grandchildren.

For over 25 years, he has travelled nationally and internationally equipping believers through a strong combination of teaching and prophetic ministry and currently serves on the oversight teams of ten churches, including Grace Church. Clem also serves on the Board of Grace College of Divinity and is affiliated with mPact Churches.

Clem continues to cross-pollinate among a variety of churches and apostolic streams. He has ministered in over 35 foreign nations and carries a particular burden for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Part of Clem’s calling is to be a runner between networks and to pioneer prophetic ministry into new spheres and regions.

Clem Ferris