Finding Church, Finding Christ in the midst of this ever changing storm

In the light of the current situation with the Corona Virus, we stepped into our calling as a 21st Century online Church. 

All meetings in the week are on Zoom, let us know if you want to join any Zoom meeting we can assist you to connect. 

Sunday Service will be at the usual time at 11-00 available on the website, we will have video worship and a time of prayer, with a gathering around the word. You can find the live stream also find us on Youtube, Facebook and Periscope.

We are also providing members and friends access to on-line teaching materials through , email us if you would like access.

Any questions email us at or ring the Church office 01784 637010

Some thoughts and Insights

Thought One: Each one of us can think about how we can protect and support our neighbours. So much of the public rhetoric is sowing fear about the danger of other people. So, taking all the official precautions, offer help and reassurance to others (whilst following guidelines) – and don’t demonise anyone or any group.

Thought Two: Think about who may be suffering more than me. For those of us who are healthy, there is much less to worry about but the elderly, the housebound and those with chronic health conditions may be very anxious. How about each household considering those you know and sharing out the responsibility to phone/video call them each day. There’s nothing like a friendly voice to offer solace when someone is worried. A smile can bring cheer, even on the phone. If you visit, follow all the official precautions or don’t go.

Point Three. Don’t give in to panic and start hoarding food. There is plenty to go around, so practise the Christian discipline of sharing. Ask your neighbours what they need and do your best to help them get it. If you are self-isolating you will, of course, need some supplies.

Point Four. Live today to the full. Encourage one another. None of us ever know what the future holds. In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6. 25 – 34), Jesus challenged his followers to live each day fully and not be afraid. Every time we are tempted to give in to fear we need to make a conscious choice to respond in faith, trust and openness.

And, don’t forget to pray.