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July 03, 2022 Dave Food

God loves dreamers

God loves dreamers

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For many people, the world would seem incredibly difficult and confusing. It’s so hard to discern between what is real and what seems like a fantasy. May you never settle for anything less than everything God has for you.

God loves the dreamers

There’s a lot of debate in the world over which is better-the dreamer who has their eyes wide open or the dreamer who sleeps soundly in their innocence. Some would argue that one type of dreaming leads to productive outcomes, while the other does not. But, what if we took a step back and looked at it all from a different perspective? What if God loves both types of dreams?

For centuries, people have told stories of how dreams can bring good fortune or lead to successful ventures. And while there is some truth to these stories, they also contain some elements of creativity that are often overlooked. Dreams can be powerful tools for exploring different aspects of ourselves and our world. In fact, some psychologists believe that dreaming is one of the most effective methods for learning and development-programming our subconscious mind. So, while some may argue that dreams are frivolous pursuits that do not have much merit, from a Divine perspective they are full of potential and love.

The difference between dreaming and living an inner life with God

God provides us with a way to connect with Him without sacrificing time or resources. Dreams provide a gateway into a spiritual world that is often unseen, and they can be used as a tool to tap into the divine.

The purpose of dreams is to connect us with our inner selves and with the divine. Dreams can be used as a tool to tap into the unseeable spiritual realm, and they offer a window into our future.

There are many ways to use dreams for personal growth and spiritual development. One of the most common ways to use dreams is to learn about yourself and your relationships. By exploring your subconscious mind, you can gain insight into your intentions, beliefs, and emotions. You can also explore your fears and doubts, and gain clarity about what you need to change in order to achieve your goals.

By connecting with your intuition through dream recall, you can develop greater clarity about what is truly important in your life. You can also learn how to trust your intuition more fully, and how to trust other people even when you don’t know them very well.

Dreams are an amazing way to connect with the divine, to connect with God.

An inner life can change you, He wants you to be changed

There’s something about a dream that makes it seem more real than any other experience we have. It’s as if the mind is intervening on our behalf, taking us on a journey to a place we might not otherwise visit. It’s a way to explore our subconscious, to glimpse aspects of ourselves that we might not be brave enough to show the world.

But what happens when that dream becomes our everyday reality? If it becomes so compelling that it consumes us, wears away at our sanity and undermines our ability to function normally in the here and now? If it becomes the only thing that truly matters to us, overriding everything else in our lives?

This is what can happen when we let our inner life gets consumed by dreams – when they become all that Matter. And this is exactly why God loves the dreamers: because with dreams comes the potential for change. Dreams can tap into parts of ourselves that are hidden, unexplored or unchanged – and through them, we have the opportunity to explore new parts of ourselves, to grow and learn. We can discover new ways of being in the world, and even find pathways to deeper experiences.

Are you a Godly Dreamer

If you’re a Godly Dreamer, it means that you have an innate ability to navigate the spiritual realm. Whether you’re journeying through your dreams or simply engaging in daydreams, dreaming is an amazing way to connect with your intuition and intuition is the doorway to all of creation. It teaches us about our personal relationships, our past lives, and what might be coming in the future. In other words, we learn a lot about ourselves when we dream.”

There are many ways to become a Godly Dreamer: by engaging in prayerfully dreaming regularly, by tuning into your intuitive wisdom when you’re dreaming

Are you someone who constantly has dreams that inspire and motivate you? If so, you’re a Godly Dreamer! Dreams are a pivotal part of who we are as individuals and as a species. They offer insight into our subconscious thoughts and feelings, which can guide us on our path in life. But what if your dreams don’t always make sense or seem impossible to achieve? Don’t worry; God loves dreamers just the same!

God is an all-encompassing spirit who understands the mysterious ways of the subconscious mind. Therefore, when you have a dream that relates to your spiritual destiny, trust that it is indeed from Him. Pay attention to the meaning behind the dream and allow it to pour into your heart and mind. The more you tune into your divine Inner Voice, the more meaningful your dreams will become.

So whether your dreams are serious or whimsical, remember that God loves you for being a Godly Dreamer!