May 13, 2020 Dave Food

Finding a place to serve another

Finding a place to serve another

The disciples argued about who should be in the most important place around the table, Jesus turned their thinking upside down, as he served his disciples at table, later on he washed their feet.

He the greatest King of Kings came to serve not to be served.

He modeled a Kingdom principle to serve without thinking about the rewards or benefits we are going to get, but to serve because of the privilege and opportunity we have to serve.

We have opportunities to serve others every time we serve food and drink at Virginia Lodge, to do this well and do this right we need to learn how to do it safely and well.

We have access to online training materials to get an NVQ level 1 in food safety, you can do this in your own time, and will gain an NVQ certificate.

If you want to go further and also gain certification in Food Allergies, then we can also provide access to this course.

The Church will invest in the cost of the course to enable you to get the qualification, if you are interested in doing the course please message Julie at the Church office

Let's find ways to serve.


Dave and the Team