April 09, 2020 Dave Food

What is a good source?

What is a good source?

What is a good source? Who do you listen to?

A thought from the Pastors couch

In these times there are lots of stories going around, many rumours, some true many not. Let me encourage you not to be distracted, there is no better way to increase the likelihood of an accident, than to distract a driver when they are driving.

Where are you going today, what is your goal, what is your purpose?

John 10:10 says the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, no better strategy to distract you than you grab your attention in the midst of you fulfilling your purpose, in you on the way to your destiny.

So lets be discerning in these times of fundamental change, lets press into purpose with faith in this season of doubt and questions, lets discern the times and seasons we are in.

The simplest test you can apply to any story that comes across your path is to look for the original source, not who it came from last but the original source.

I regularly get messages about dodgy people on facebook, not to accept them as friends, the first thing I do is go back into google and see whether trusted sources are saying this is a problem. Often it is an old story just going around again.

Let me encourage you to take peace, to know hope and to press in to purpose, and complete your race, end your journey, fulfill your destiny.

Enjoy your journey