April 04, 2020 Dave Food

Seeing the invisible

Seeing the invisible

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Seeing the invisible - a thought from the Pastors couch

I take our dog outside last thing at night to end the day, as we live fairly close to the M25 most nights I could hear planes, hear the motorway and hear the noise of the local community.

In these last two weeks that has all changed, hardly any planes, very little traffic and very few people out at night at all, its almost silent, so I can hear night birdsong and other noises I have not noticed before.

Added to that with less light pollution and with clear skies , the stars and planets are clear in the current night skies. So my last few moments at the end of the day have become a moment of worship and a moment of connection with Gods creation. The bible says the heavens declare the glory of God, this small scripture has been freshly revealed today, again.

Let me encourage you to, enjoy moments of revelation and insight, enjoy the beauty of God's creation at the big and the small, pause in this time that we have to see the wonders of things that we have been missing, in the busyness of our lives.

There is a spiritual dimension to our world that we often miss as well, the hidden realm, watch out for that as well as we pray, with ardour and fervency.

Enjoy the time that we have, in the moments that we have, to see what has been invisible.