April 02, 2020 Dave Food

Sustainable thinking

Sustainable thinking

Sustainable thinking - a thought from the Pastors Couch

Yesterday we had the most people we ever had on our online groups, great to see so many folk, people on ipads, laptops, smart phones and even dialled in on a normal phone. Please let me encourage you to develop a healthy routine to your day.

For those who are free from work pressures, develop some daily habits, do a daily prayer time with 2 or 3 people, have a time for reading (something that lifts your soul), do some exercise, inside or outside, sing a song with gusto whatever your preferences are, do a task each day that is on a longer term plan etc.....

For those who are snowed under with work, and overwhelmed with screen calls, let me encourage you to regularly step away from your desk breath and do something different, try to keep your work time to a regular fixed time in the day, avoid it filling your day completely. Find something to feed your mind and feed your spirit. Now all screen calls require you sit in front of a computer, get a wireless headset, this will free you to walk around on a call and get you away from the screen and the desk.

In these days please do ask some one for help if you need it, offer someone help if you can, if you are going out to do your weekly shop check with someone a neighbour, an NHS worker, a vulnerable person, are there a few things you can get them?

As it says in Isaiah 46 verse 4 we are told I am He that will sustain you, what an encouraging word from the Father.

Blessings Dave